Straight from the Cow’s Mouth


While some of you fight for my right to live

Rest of you savor me dead

To prove you are right and he is not, you take a knife to his throat

And not stop until the land is all but red.


To those who think I should live

I have one thing to say,

Why save me alone and not my friend the chicken

What wrong has she ever done, I want an answer today.


And for those who feel they have the right to kill and eat me

To them I must ask

Why can’t you eat what I eat

If I were in your shoes I would let me be, no questions asked.


As I swat a fly off the air

With my long and strong tail,

I see the angry faces and those muscles flex

Please ask me how I feel before you punch your brothers in the face.


If my death should bring you together

I do not wish to live one more day,

But it saddens me deeply when I come to think of it

There is so much hate in your hearts, and if it wasn’t for me, you would kill each other anyway.


Each of you have begged to differ on many an issue

But you would have to live together in peace you always knew,

To each his own so let them be as they may

Give me a hand, help scratch my back where my teeth won’t reach, will you?

17 thoughts on “Straight from the Cow’s Mouth

          1. Always try again hope is my friend since i can always think with optimismos and grade can help me and the others thank you before your visit and yours ,, it has pleased me very much ,,,


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